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Etiquette Institute



Etiquette for Young Ladies is as fun as it is educational. Empowering young ladies with manners, social skills, poise and style will allow them to be more confident in social settings, to understand their potential and to feel good about themselves.


NOiR Diamonds offers a fun and interactive six-week etiquette institute for elementary and middle school students. NOiR Diamonds is a tax exempt, 501(c)3 nonprofit, charitable organization which aims to enrich the lives of young girls by instilling positive qualities through leadership, social skills and etiquette training.


NOiR Diamonds began with the desire to provide children with the social skills necessary to face everyday situations with total confidence. Founder of NOiR Diamonds - Actor and model, Maryam Basir - has traveled around the world learning many cultural customs, social structures and behaviors. From Japan, Hawaii, Paris, The South of France, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Lagos, Abuja, Brazil, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and throughout the US, she has spent her life, thus far collecting memories and learning as much as possible about human behavior in various settings. She holds a very special interest in helping people feel confident in themselves. She has channeled this energy into helping youth and young adults develop into excellent individuals. 


Proper etiquette is important in all aspects of a child's life. It helps them to feel comfortable in any situation, and makes them more marketable individuals when growing into the college and job market. NOiR Diamonds is born of the distinct desire to help make young people great.

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Most young girls start as confident beings, unaware of their social status, free and happy. At a certain age children begin questioning themselves and “fitting in” becomes more important. To tackle these developmental issues, NOiR Diamonds (ND) will teach and reinforce kindness, social decorum, etiquette and confidence, at a crucial time in their lives. ND will aid in the enrichment of these young girls’ characters and self-esteem as they grow from girls into young women. ND will teach young girls to be the best version of themselves, carefully molding them into future leaders with positive and impactful outlooks on life. These young girls will be the next female leaders for future generations.

"We build strong, confident young girls who grow into strong, confident women"

6 week Classes for Girls, Ages 8-14

Saturdays, January 20th - February  24th, 2018

At the Ford Resource and Engagement Centers:

Every Saturday, 10:00am-11:30am at F.R.E.C. 1 - 2826 Bagley Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216


Every Saturday, 2:00-3:30pm at F.R.E.C. 2 - 15491 Maddelein Street, Detroit, MI 48205

Rehearsal: March 3rd, 2018    Graduation: March 10th, 2018





























Week One

greetings & introductons


  • First Impressions

  • Introductions

  • Self Introduction and Introducing Others

  • Handshaking

  • Eye Contact

  • Smiling

  • Appearance

  • How to Make an Entrance

  • Please, Thank You and You're Welcome

  • Making Mistakes and Apologizing

  • Telephone Etiquette


Week TWO

getting social


  • Quick Review *

  • Texting and Social Networking Sites

  • Techno-Etiquette

  • Social Media Presence

  • Gift Giving and Receiving

  • How to be a Social Butterfly

  • Attending A Party or other Event

  • How to Write a Proper Thank-You Note

  • Dealing With Teasing and Bullies

  • Becoming a Skilled Conversationalist

  • Joining a Group and Exiting a Conversation

  • Decorum - Socially Pleasant, Encouraged Behavior


Week three

table manners and more


  • Quick Review *

  • The ABC's of Dining

  • Four-Course Meal Instructional

  • Essential Table Skills and Dining Manners

  • Formal/Informal Place Settings

  • Use of Proper Utensils

  • American/Continental Style of Dining

  • International Customs

  • Entering and Leaving The Table

  • Posture and Conversation

  • How to Sit and Stand Like a Lady


Week four

image & body


  • Quick Review *

  • Self Presentation

  • Your Body as a Temple

  • Poise & Posture: How to Exude Poise and Confidence

  • Grooming – Skin and Hair Care

  • Importance of Good Attitude and Positive Body Language

  • Positive Body Image

  • Eating to Live Healthy

  • Essential Health & Exercise

  • Image 

  • The Polished Look

  • Personal Style

  • Dressing Appropriately

  • How to Cultivate a Pleasant-Sounding Voice

  • Techniques for a Graceful Walk

  • How to Pose for a Photograph


Week five

inner beauty & bringing out your personality


  • Quick Review *

  • Exuding Grace

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Being a Girl Who Matters

  • The Inner Work. How to Make a Positive Impact in the World

  • Kindess, Giving Back

  • Respect and Courtesy

  • Everyday Civility

  • Socially Pleasant Behavior

  • Tolerance

  • Politeness and Consideration for Others


Week six


  • Full Course Review*

  • Choosing a Path for Your Life

  • Mini Presentations  


Graduation Celebration


This will be a luncheon where the participants will have the opportunity to utilize the skills learned at a real-life event! Each girl will take part in a Graduation Ceremony where she will walk in front of the audience to recieve her Certificate of Attendance. The graduate with then receive a membership in the NOiR DiAMONDS Alumni Club - an educational organization committed to developing exceptional skills that last a lifetime.


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